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Translation & Content Writing

Do you need someone to translate your articles, blog posts, websites or product descriptions, I'm at your service. During my time as a freelancer I have gained a lot of experience translating texts of varying subjects into my native language. Having a good sense of language and focus on the readers I deliver documents in grammatically flawless language, with their original content and meaning preserved. My experience includes translating:


- HR Documentation in Arabic/English

- Accounts Documentation in Arabic/English

- Finance Documentation in Arabic/English

- Media Documentation in Arabic/English

- PO Documentation in Arabic/English

- Billing Documentation in Arabic/English

- Product Description

- Product Manuals

- Business/Legal Contract

- Software Translation

- Commercial & Marketing Documents

- Books / Stories Translation

- News Articles

- E-Learning

- Technical Content

- Travel Catalogues

And more…

We value honesty, integrity, openness, constructive self-criticism, personal excellence, continual self-improvement and mutual respect.

We are confident in everything we do for your business and this will lead to an excellent customer satisfaction. So, you’ll come back to work with us again in the future and for sure you’ll recommend us to your colleagues too.

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Mezaat Team