• Bilingual BPO/KPO Services

    Helping you reduce the operations cost by outsourcing some of your business activities. 
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  • Hire Bilingual Virtual Assistants

    Bilingual VA's will work for you as an extended part of your team, adding value, charging less, and offering huge flexibility
  • Bilingual IT Business Analysts

    Our team will assist you in the technology implementation.

    Team will take full responsibility of interacting with the client, gathering data, coordinating with developers, training, and more...
  • News Clipping & Translation

    We track the news, translate and provide you meaningful data for use.
  • Bilingual Support to all Business Verticals

    Remote and cost-effective Arabic/English documentation service
    – Related to Business, Visa, Legal, IT, Marketing, HR, Finance, Ministries’ Communications, etc.

Hire Flexible/Remote Language Resources for Your Business 
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All Languages Translation 

Complete translation solution for your business.
IT, Marketing, Technology, Finance, Business, etc.
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Hire Bilingual Digital Marketing Experts

Complete bilingual [English/Arabic] solution for Digital Marketing. 

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Bilingual Business Support

Remote and cost-effective Arabic/English documentation service
– Related to Business, Visa, Legal, IT, Marketing, HR, Finance, Ministries’ Communications, etc.

Press Clipping & Translation

News monitoring and Brand watch services.

– Translation and Presentation as needed.

Arabic Language Support - For Software Implementation

What We Do:
- Requirement Gathering 
- Communication 
- Data Collection & Analysis 
- Training End Users
- Query Handling
- User Manuals 
- Translation 
- Coordination b/w Client & Developers 
- Ad hoc & On-Demand 

Support Verticals

Bilingual Support to HR Dept.

Support in compiling HR policies, HR Letters, Data Entry, onboarding and offboarding protocols, recruitment support with JDs and advertisements etc.

Bilingual Support to Finance Dept.

Invoicing, PO’s, financial management reporting including Management Accounts for Board Meetings, collating financial information for statutory reports, etc. 

Bilingual Support to Legal & IT.

Drafting and translation of Agreements, Contracts, Deeds, Employment Contracts, Letters, Communications, etc.  

Hire Virtual Assistants - Bilingual

Export & Import 

- Export/Import related documentation
- PO’s, Bills, Bank Papers, Insurance Papers, Custom Documents and more. 
- Review and handle all shipment related documents and papers 
- Two-way Communication

Data Entry

Data entry is an important activity used by virtually every company, regardless of size or industry. Outsourcing your data entry needs offers several advantages, including paying only for those services used, using only specialists who provide fast and accurate typing, working with multilingual specialists when the need arises, and increasing or decreasing resources according to operational needs.

Libraries & Universities

- PDF to Word

- Typing & DTP

- Translation

- Custom Indexing

- Data Entry in Client’s Program

- Any other assigned task as per need 

Customized Services

Outsourcing non-core activities can improve efficiency and productivity because another entity performs these smaller tasks better than the firm itself. This strategy may also lead to faster turnaround times, increased competitiveness within an industry, and the cutting of overall operational costs.

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What we do

We specialize in providing the best Bilingual Business services. Everything we do is aimed at creating the best results for you.