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About Virtual Teaching

Mezaat Academy is dedicated towards education, especially online education. Our slogan is “Excellence at Your Doorstep”.


What does it mean? For example, you want enhancement classes for Mathematics or Physics or Social Sciences, but you are unable to find a good teacher, we are here to help you. Or if you want extra language classes for your kid but prefer this at home and with a best teacher, Mezaat Education is the solution. 

We provide online enhancement and foundation classes for All SUBJECTS, All Curriculums, for all levels and specific to your syllabus books. 

We help you grow, learn more and excel in future. 


Have you ever wondered if you were understanding what you say in Arabic while praying or offering Salah. You say in Arabic like FATIHAH, Second Surah, Sana, etc, but you don’t understand. Join us the basic course of Understanding Salah.


We offer Arabic learning courses for everyone. Arabic for understanding Qur’an, Arabic for your business or Arabic just as a new language; this is for everyone.


Life is so busy; we get very less time for extra-curricular activities. Considering these facts, Mezaat Education offers flexible Instructor-led online classes. You can attend from home and you can choose the suitable slot, without losing the great learning experience with an instructor.



A very important plus point for Mezaat Education is that these classes are live, instructor led, offer online and are very cost effective.


Start Learning Today – You will discover great things. 

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